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MORE THAN INNOVATION by Ida Castellsaguer

07 December 2015

Co-creation, co-participation, open innovation, crowdsourcing… Despite all of the differences between these “fashionable” terms, they all have the same origin: consumers are in search of brands that will match their view of the world, brands that speak to them and are “alive”, brands that can innovate and interpret their reality and become part of it.

This new type of relationship between brands and markets requires us to reformulate our innovation model, both its form and its goals:

1.       Organic innovation: Traditional development models, involving closed proposals, is now obsolete. To aim for a “wow!” type of reaction in an over-stimulated, demanding and thirsty marrket is now illusory; just two minutes after a launch, what seemed new and innovative radpidly ceases to be seen that way. Current marketing models must now be alive, dynamic and organic.


2.       Bidirectionality and dialogue: Let’s not try to surprise our clients. We might as well just agree with them, always bearing in mind what they have to contribute, making them participate in creating the brand’s story and itinerary. Talking is more important than telling: nowadays the client doesn’t ask for stories as much as he/she asks conversations.


3.       Morphing: Minor modulations enable us to turn a product/service around, changing the value proposition and converting mere correctness into success.

In this sense, if “whats” have changed, so must “hows”. If we want to stimulate brand innovation and to detect our clients’ needs via classic market research methodology, we are destined to fail. Customers will hardly declare what they need or wish for. We must generate dynamics and methodologies which will involve co-creation and allow for us to “sneak into” our customers’ lives, turning them into brand allies. Daily blogs, virtual communities, focus labs, recording live shots, “safaris”… are “alive” and increasingly popular methodologies to help brands in their process of constant innovation.

Brands that take an interest in listening to their customers achieve a whole lot more than successful innovations, they gain solidity and relevance, acknowledging their customers’ needs and knowing how to make them feel bettter.

“I’ve become a fan of the brand… I already liked their products, but I’m really fascinanted by the way they listen to consumers. I wish more brands shared this philosphy.”

“It’s our brand!”

This article was published in esadecreapolis.com
Ida Castellsaguer is Client Director at Salvetti Llombart. Her agency worked alongside ESADECREAPOLIS in a study called Urban Passions. Puig, Mahou San Miguel, Sanofi or Gas Natural are some of the agency’s clients.

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