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salvetti llombart

"Welcome to Salvetti Llombart, welcome to the years to come"

18 April 2016

All of us at Salvetti Llombart take pride in introducing our new corporate image, accompanied by a new website. Next October it will be 20 years since Salvetti Llombart started operating, long enough to makes us stop to reflect for a moment.

We hope you understand if we now reminisce and recall everything that’s happened to us, and how we have managed to build on it. We must thank everyone who daily adds his or her talents to our project, they are responsible for it, not only them but those how did so in the past. We’d like to thank all of them for their unwavering dedication, it is because of you that we are able to write these words today.

However, honestly, what we feel like now is moving forward, where there’s always more space; it’s not for nothing that the project originally launched by Fernando Trias de Bes and Emilio Mayo is nowadays as healthy and vigorous as ever. As an example, here’s our new corporate image, which, apart form modernizing our brand, activates three essential elements:

1. The disappearance of the "&" logogram between the Salvetti and Llombart surnames, since we are no longer two different families together in business, we are now a common project that has been growing for the past 20 years.

2. The strength of the V and A characters which, apart from being letters, symbolize our work process: we collect information, or visualize problems and identify insights (like a funnel); then we project brands and businesses upwards.

3. Our base line, "Inspiring Changes", states that our goal will always be to generate inspiring and positive changes for our clients, in the way they relate to a certain market, or how they think about it or how they approach decision-making.

We would like this proposal to represent our strategic positioning, which is now taking a big step towards digitization. One example is Eurus becoming part of our group. Eurus is a leading company in programming and online research solutions. A second example is the creation of Digital Insights, a company responsible for developing Access panel solutions.

I would also like to invite you to visit our new website, in which we wanted to facilitate information access and share our experiences and valuable content. We hope you enjoy it.

This reality makes up the essence of our 2020 Strategic Plan, with which we wish to exhibit our absolute committment to offering global solutions in any field that is related to Customer Centricity. Years to come must witness this process, in terms of attracting talent, offer, investment, procedures, internationalization and digitization.

Finally, these new challenges help and stimulate us so we can continue offering the best of ourselves to our clients, on a day-to-day basis. We love doing it and enjoy it inmensely, and we hope we may keep on developing stories together for at least 20 more years.

Thank you all.

Best wishes,

Borja Martín

Salvetti & Llombart is an international strategic consulting agency specialized in market research, focused on decision-making and business growth

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