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24 March 2017

A research from SALVETTI LLOMBART for INDESCAT, co-funded by ACCIÓ, reveals that sport as prevention and a healthy habit has become one of the main motivations for sporty people among the Spanish population.

The objective of the research “El practicant esportiu 2016” is to analyze how the profile of the people that practice sport in Spain have evolved, as well as their consumption trends, comparing the results with the cluster research results of 2012.

In the following link you will find a summary of the main conclusions:

The study’s conclusions reveal that the percentage of active sporty people in Spain is 52% (6 points more than in 2012). 17% of the interviewees declare that, although they do not practice sport now, they have had and do not dismiss doing it again (non active sporty people). Thus, only a 10% of the Spanish population identify themselves as non sporty and do not aim to practice sport in the future

As, some years ago, sport became a way for personal realization that was accessible for everyone, nowadays the main drivers to practice sport are: a healthy lifestyle (82%), the need of breaking from a sedentary and stressful life rhythm (64%) and concern over our social image (24%).

Thus, sport, after an steady increasing along the years, is finally consolidating and integrating as a healthy habit that seeks for a physical and cognitive well-being. The research also detects the fact that women, young people and seniors are the one that increase the most their sport practicing. In addition, it is also relevant to notice the growth of the use of technology during the practice of sport. A 55% use electronic devices and a 47% also use some type of App, mostly to monitor their activity and improve their performance.


The study “El practicant esportiu 2016” has been asked by INDESCAT, the Catalan cluster of the sport industry, co-funded by ACCIÓ, “Agència Catalana per a la Competitivitat”, and conducted by SALVETTI LLOMBART. You can read the whole press release by clicking on the following link.

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