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To explore and become familiar with triggers that build valuable experiences is a decisive job in marketing strategy.


The buyer must be understood from an omnichannelity and omnipresence standpoint. The expertise involved in adapting our consumer analysis to its context, as well as in taking advantage of actionable business concepts driven from research, is what makes us a leading agency in this particular field.

The goal is to intensively comprehend the act of purchase so it can be worked on in all of its different phases.

The goal is to have access to the key ingredients needed to build experience for a brand, product or service, generating repeats.

Satisfaction surveys

Using Net Promoter Score (NPS), as well as an evolved version of the KANO based on concepts such as temporality of the experience, emotion-response, income experience and advocacy, we design analysis models and customer satisfacion estimates.

Repository Pattern Intelligence

By means of the intelligent data collected from our panelists, we are able to identify intercategory and multi-country behavior and purchase patterns. Based on these patterns, it is possible to define transversal segments and anticipate trends.

The goal is to find behavoir patterns in different categories based on recurring data obtained from panelists’ answers.

Tell us what you need

Staying close to our clients is the best way to assure the best possible results


Salvetti & Llombart is an international strategic consulting agency specialized in market research, focused on decision-making and business growth

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