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An organization’s strategy requires state-of-the-art tools that help define and measure markets and explain market logics.

Market Sizing

Nowadays it is key to have access to reliable data about our market’s size, to design investment policies and expenditure management. The goal is to offer volumetrization, to measure growth possibilities for our brand / product / category.

The goal is to measure markets in order to assess their potential and be able to modify the company’s priorities.

The goal is to have access to essential strategic data about a market, to be able to design a company’s action plan.

Consumer fundamentals

To lead a market or a category requires in-depth knowledge of the solid pillars building and articulating it. Consumer fundamentals is an exploration tool designed to develop business or marketing plans.

Strategic Market Segmentation

Today, to understand markets requires dynamic segmentation solutions to help us locate value spaces for our clients, bringing opportunities of growth and innovation. Maximum adaptability.

The goal is to design an operational and actionable segmentation that may help us successfully build market value propositions.

The goal is to draw the consumer’s usage & attitudes map in relation to a category, granting us action drivers from a segment and purchase-consumption occasion point of view.

Usage & Attitudes ( Real U&A)

Consumers are changing constantly and their behavior patterns also vary quite frequently, adapting themselves to current offers. Real U&A lets us measure usage patterns by tracking category consumption during the previous day and collecting data on individual consumption, purchases and needs, sorted by occasion and per person.

Channel Strategy Impulse

Designing a strategic research plan as a diagnosis of our brand’s / product / service placement in the channel, which will also help us discover oportunities and define a strategy to contend with our competitors. Tracking the product’s release and arrival, its presence in the channel, consumption by time-slot, day of the week, sociodemographics, traffic versus purchase.

The goal is to determine our brand-offer’s postion in the channel in order to optimize the chosen strategy.

The objective is to determine the key factors and triggers to help build solid and meaningful brands.

Brand value

Brands are adapting to complex and demanding realities. Consumers seek to find in them a source of meaning and value which will represent and inspire them and make life easier for them. Our tracking and brand-building tools hace the capacity to measure attributes and meanings, consumer wishes and satisfaction (all of these are essential factors that brands must bear in mind in order to reach optimum levels of consideration, trial and repeat. Some of these value areas are: Placement genome, the brand’s Big ideal, Brand equity, and Brand performance.

Digital behavior

Strategic solutions in the digital world such as digital safari, shopper experience lifecycle, digital trigger points, considering every single source of digital behavior as relevant data for our business.

The goal is to grant market intelligence in the digital world to improve decision-making.

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