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Understanding consumers from these standpoints is essential in business category comprehension, and also when it comes to defining opportunities.

Insight Shuttle

As a leading firm in consumer insights, we have developed a way of identifying and activating insights which combines co-creation with quantitative dimensioning in a single, straightforward platform, constantly taking the market’s pulse.

The goal is to identify insights and to manage them efficiently, without difficulties.

The goal is to build innovative value propositions with the help of users and/or final customers.


Brands must establish constant dialogues with their clients to help them trascend sales and create mutual value space. In this sense, we work on research projects in which participants team up with the brands to create products, communications campaigns or sales offers. Our iterative processes guarantee output reliability and actionability.

Customer Journey Understanding

The purchase process is one of the most important brand relationship expressions, and an enormous source of experiences. Our model combines on-off dynamics, purchase occasions, consumer archetypes, communication touchpoints and visualization maps. This tool is helpful when it comes to understanding and activating client experience in an environment of complete transformation.

The goal is to understand and identify opportunities in the clients’ purchase processes.

The goal is to explore any given market’s trends, to prioritize them and connect them to consumers, in order to benefit from them.

Trends pulse

In a frantic, ever-changing world it is essential to rely on systems which enable us to understand the laws and forces which will affect consumer processes in the future. Trends Pulse helps us analyze, in a way that adapts itself to every kind of business, the sector’s most important trends, as well as the best strategies to capitalize them.

Ethnography toolbox

“Don’t tell me, I want to see it”: Mobile missions, geolocation, RLS, online passive tracking, A day in a life. One of the areas in which we have experienced more growth. Technology and our expertise in participant observation at your business’ service.

The goal is to live alongside the consumer and understand him/her, to grasp his/her real-life experiencies’ spontaneity, making use of technology to avoid research bias and gaining insight depth.

The goal is to re-create realities which will enable us to experiment with consumers and expose them to stimulus, thus helping us anticipate their responses and emotions in order to optimize points of purchase or purchase/service experiences.

Virtual Reality Hyper-experiences

Virtual Reality is one of the areas with a highest potential in relation to consumer understanding. Up to now, market research could only make use of real-life re-creation, but it is now possible to simulate purchase processes and to set up virtual experiences to help us understand behavior patterns and purchase triggers.

Tell us what you need

Staying close to our clients is the best way to assure the best possible results


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