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The change from the “time to market” model to the “market to time” concept requires precision, speed and reach.

Sales projection models

Regression models let us assess the effect on sales of any possible change in any of the mix’s elements (New product / changes in the product, price, sale offers, channel, presentation…) This kind of activity enables us to build models to anticipate the suitability of a product’s / brand’s /service’s launch or an investment in it.

The goal is to build mathematical models which will anticipate and project a category’s / brand’s / product’s sales.

The main objective is to offer a handful of solutions for optimum price management when it comer to designing an offer.

Pricing and Offer Intelligence

Relying on BPTO (Brand Price Trade Off) and our way of applying the PSM (Price Sensitivity Measure) model, we help companies establish suitable prices for their products, as well as anticipating the product’s market share in relation to each given threshold. If you are thinking about launching or re-launching a product/service in your particular market, conjoint models will help you define the best element combination for your proposal and maximize the market’s demand. Plus, thanks to a dynamic model, you may measure the market’s action/reaction to your potential launch, as well as your competitors’ response.

Generative Full Mix Test

In order to develop new products and improve existing ones, we have created our Generative Full Mix Test model, in which idea, concept and implementation will be assessed through acceptance KPI’s based on a historical benchmark built on 1500 previous surveys.

The goal is to achieve a deeper knowledge of a proposal’s acceptance, rejection and purchase intention, based on a method that has been verified and perfected with historical data.

The goal is to analyze our brand’s effectiveness in its objective segments in leading markets.

Brand tracking

Assessing if our brand is behaving efficiently in its market, in relation to our projected objectives, is essential. We offer solutions that will monitor the brand including health and equity tracking, both in offline and online environments, where buzz analysis is key.

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